This is Me

Most days I would describe myself as a typical kiwi girl who grew up on the coast of New Zealand, got married and had two kids.

I grew up in a small town, got good grades in school, went to church on Sundays and left home at 18 to study at university. My plan was to get a degree, find a good job, get married, have kids, buy a home and travel the world every now and again to explore and see different cultures. Little did I think or believe that the plans that God had for my life would extend much beyond that.


After immersing myself into the university culture for a few years, I felt my heart yearning to know for sure whether or not the things that I had been told growing up in church, applied to me. I wanted to know and truly believe if God loved me beyond my understanding and therefore did He really have amazing, unique and specific plans for my life? How could I find out what they were?

Well, I spent time studying the Bible, praying, going to a local Church and found out who God is, how much He loved me and that He is a God who only wants good things for everyone. In Jeremiah 29:11 it says “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”. I memorized this verse and applied faith to it and believed it to be true.

Initially, I believed this verse to mean that God would give me a great job that I would love and a husband who loved me. So, when this did happen and then we had kids before I was even thirty, it started to make me wonder what else there must be for my life. I had studied, worked and now was a stay at home mum, but that doesn’t mean that my mind and my Spirit stop dreaming and hoping for new things. I began to wonder again, what else did God have for my life?

woman-2896386_1920What about you? Do you ever wonder what you are here for? That there must be more to life than doing the mundane or the 9-5 deal and going home to blob? Do you ever wonder that perhaps you were created for something more and something unique?

I believe that God has given us all unique gifts and talents that are specific to our calling. Some may say they are good at art, good at singing, good at building things, good at planning. These are talents that are joined up perfectly with your personality and if you feel a desire to do something, then most likely God is prompting you to step out and go after it. It can be easy in this day and age to jump on the internet, social media or turn on the TV and see that someone is already doing what you would love to do. It can be easy to think that the world perhaps doesn’t need something similar. The comparison starts filtering through your brain and you use it as an excuse to justify not moving in the calling that God has for you.

But! Those people are not you. They will not do things exactly the same way that you do, they will not think exactly the same way that you do, and they will not impact other people the way that you will. There may even be one person out there that will only respond to the way that you draw, design, create or say something.

For me, God wanted me to write a book. Yes, you could look around a shop or library and find a great book about chasing your dreams, or God is big, or about God having a specific plan for you and how to find it. However, no-one has my life or has had these specific experiences except me. I am the best person to share these experiences and situations about where God has impacted my life and how he has been leading me down a path that would result in this book being written.

What about your path?

If you feel like you are at a bit of a standstill as to where to begin in your calling or you struggle to believe that you were created with a specific destiny, then check out my book Free to Dream.