Whatever They Do They Prosper

#01 Plant Fun Fact


This is one of my favourite verses.

It is a great visual of how, when we are planted in God, He will nourish us and help us to prosper. He is the life source that we need to flourish and healthily grow into our full potential. He is the water that sustains us, the food that nourishes us and the love that nurtures and prunes us.

Just like a tree planted by the river, that constantly taps into its source of life and puts roots down deep, it becomes established where it stands.

It gradually gets stronger and the winds that blow against it have less of an impact.

It stands strong through the seasons knowing who it is. Even without the distinguishing features of leaves and fruit in winter, it doesn´t change its form to try and become another type of tree.

It reproduces through its seed to multiply more generations of its own kind.

So, when we constantly drink from the river of life we become strong and established.

So will we be swayed less by the winds that blow against us.

So will we know with conviction who we are through the changing seasons of life.

So will we be fruitful in the lives of others that we connect with and help generations to know who Jesus is.