Refresh Your Spirit and Soul



I had the best week away with my family. Not only was the weather amazing and it seriously felt like summer (It´s currently the middle of winter), but I loved the balance of spending time with the kids, relaxing on a comfy hotel bed with a stunning view from the 23rd floor, writing in peace at my own pace, reading for enjoyment and of course hanging out with my husband once the kids fell into an exhaustive sleep (we tagged along on hubby´s work trip so he was busy during the day).

I realized that once you remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of your normal life´s schedule (work, eat, sleep, repeat anyone?) and the ability to automatically move from one thing to another without thinking, you have the space to breathe and see your life for what it is.

You can ask yourself if you really enjoy where you are at in your life? Are you passionate about what you are doing? Are there things that need to change? Are you paying more attention to the less important things and therefore missing out on something that has a greater significance?

I can honestly say, that overall I enjoy where I am at in my season of life – raising kids, working, managing my household, giving my all to commitments and groups I´m involved in – but, probably just like most people it can be exhausting, busy and sometimes life passes by in a blur. I could always do better at scheduling the important things, giving myself more grace and more credit for the things I do well.

So the things I´ve learned on my week away in the sun is that it is good to take time to refresh your spirit and soul so you can see what you are actually doing well in and embrace the important and significant things in life.

Then when you are rested, come back and take the appropriate action.