Keeping Going

Season of Preparation

Not all seasons of life are easy-going, full of excitement, joy and fun. Not all seasons of life flow exactly how you want them. At the same time, some seasons of life are not always like the dead cold of winter where you remain dormant wondering what to do.

Some seasons feel like the in-between stages of life. Where God is working away in the background and preparing you for the next stage of your life. Just because you are not living life with an extreme high or a low low, doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.

photo of girl wearing bucket hat

God prepared David while he worked as a shepherd boy. David was in a season of contentment where he did the job that his father wanted Him to do. From the outside, it perhaps wasn’t glamorous and adventurous, yet it also wasn’t devastating or heartbreaking work either.

During this season, David used his time wisely. He repetitively practised his slingshot skills and he worshipped. He used the time he had while protecting the sheep from predators, to expand his gifts, talents and skills in other areas. I think this was a season of his life where he was doing what God wanted without wondering, complaining, or knowing what was going to come next. David was just content in the moment before the change came.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a season where everything is balanced and rolling along nicely. Yet, don’t disregard it and thinking that God taking a break from you or that you are doing something wrong. Quiet seasons, where life is simply good, can be the in-between seasons of life where God is preparing you for the next big thing and all without you even realising it.

As you remain faithful to do everything in your life with excellence, just as you have learned to do, God may quietly be building your trust. As you faithfully serve your family, the way God has shown you to do, He may quietly be expanding your love.

As you smile to a frustrated stranger at the supermarket, because you know what that is like, He may quietly be increasing your compassion. As you chat with your friend over coffee, purely for enjoyment, God may quietly be honing your listening skills.

people preparing food on table

As you dive deep into your hobby of taking photos, painting pictures, running, reading, or baking, just to restore some mental balance, God may quietly be teaching you how to let things go. As you wait expectantly for your turn, God may quietly be filling you with His patience.

Trust, love, compassion, listening, letting go, patience. What if these attributes are the things that you to grow in so you can better handle the next big thing that God has for you?

Little by little as you move through a season of content you may suddenly look up and realise that God was preparing you all along.

Luke 16:10 “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities”

If you feel like you are in a season of contentment, quietness, peace or simply rolling along in life. Ask God if you are in a season of preparation. What things is He quietly increasing in your life without you realising it?

I know that God always has something more for our lives and loves to expand our purpose. He never leaves us even if He is quiet. It’s just that some things take time to build and prepare for the next season.